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Rural IT enabled Services:

The global outsourcing model has proved that quality work can be done remotely by trained staff. Based on this learning the Rural ITeS team is working on a model to include the rural population in the outsourcing boom without requiring migration to urban areas.

The current focus is to provide an infrastructure and trained staff for data and document intensive organizations that outsource work. The Rural ITES Team, has automated processes for data capture, data entry and document management and will provide a one point access to rural areas for the data intensive vertical markets.

The team is also exploring areas such as web development, animation and transcription in local languages.

Currently we are leveraging the existing Chiraag infrastructure to create employment opportunities in rural areas. However once the service is established and quality acceptable to the urban customers, the initaive will be extended to others in the village.

A number of outsourcing companies, banks and research agencies have expressed interest in working with this programme.

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