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Rural Crafts:

The Crafts Initiative or "For Life" series of Projects utilizes the existing ICT infrastructure set up by n-Logue to facilitate craft skills development and micro-enterprise building for income generation in the Chiraag network of villages.

The initiative aims at enabling livelihoods through the building of significant linkages between urban buyers and micro-level producers in households and Self-Help-Groups in n-Logue's Internet enabled villages. Towards this endeavor, it brings skills, training, design inputs, low-cost technology, financial support services, markets and, most importantly, sustainable access and communication as end-to-end solutions for building crafts/micro-enterprises in rural areas.

Embroidery for Life, the first in the series of Projects, built a small production base for Chennai based fashion designer, Ms. Haripriya Tunga in three villages in the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. After having conducted training programs in simple hand embroidery skills to new learners, the Project is now poised to add ari or hook embroidery skills to the existing repertoire in the villages. A steady stream of orders has encouraged more women to join the Project and some are even taking on the role of a Trainer.

Embroidery for Life seeks more designers and entrepreneurs to encourage the outsourcing of embroidery skills enabled by the ICT infrastructure of n-Logue in other districts and states.

Project Bags for Life facilitates the sale of hand-made paper bags for the domestic and export market by distributing production to villages in Thiruvallur and Cuddalore districts in Tamil Nadu. Orders for eco-friendly newspaper bags as well as customized handmade paper ornamental bags can be placed through this Project. The sizes, colors and ornamentation can be selected online in coordination with the respective villages' Chiraag Internet Center.

Designers for Life are the angel designers and firms, who have offered support to Tenet's Crafts Initiative in prototype development, appropriate technology, skills training and actual markets. A significant project employing banana bark sourced locally in the villages is underway with a large craft design firm.

For contact:

Project Associate: Ms. Alankar Bandhopadhyay


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