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CygNet, a product of NMSWorks, is designed to provide network management solutions for large telecom operators. Supporting multi-tier deployment in a large network, CygNet provides the full FCAPS (fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security) functionality.

The goal of the Advanced Network Management project is to enhance the CygNet NMS with innovative features. These include:

  • Scalable architecture: A multi-tier architecture for CygNet has been designed to enable management of networks with tens of thousands of network devices. This consists of one central CygNet manager node and one or more nodes (management stations) that are heirarchically layered. Each of these stations runs a management process which can be a full-fledged CygNet NMS or a light-weight mini-CygNet NMS.

  • Root cause analysis: Finding the actual cause for faults such as multiple alarms due to a single failure, diagnosing the root cause of link congestion etc. is a challenging problem in network management. A rule-based analysis engine has been developed for doing Root Cause Analysis. This is an extensible framework and can be used in several situations, such as diagnosing the root cause of link congestion given only readily available parameters such as link utilisation.

  • Security mangement: This management functional area consists of a Security Administration function and a Detection function. Security administration involves . User management (multiple levels of passwords, restriction of unsuccessful login attempts, idle time-out etc. . User based access control - imposing access restrictions to management information and privileges based on access rights . Secure transport of management information between CygNet and the agent, secure storage of management information at the management station Secure exchange, distribution and storage of keys. Detection involves monitoring the network for security breaches and generating Security related Alarms. We have developed a distributed intrusion detection system to counter increasingly sophisticated attacks and take some corrective action through a configuration management engine.

  • Provisioning: In the current environment of fast-changing technologies, network operators and organizations face new challenges to keep abreast with the growing needs of the subscribers. In this scenario, it is envisaged that there will be a large number of service requests with different QoS requirements which implies that there will be a constant change in the configuration of the network. Because of this, there is a need for automatic and dynamic service provisioning. An efficient solution to the provisioning problem and a suitable control plane solution that can work for multi-vendor, multi-technology network elements is the focus of this project.

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