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Online Consultancy for farmers:

In collaboration with Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals an NGO based in New Delhi (ISAP) we are offering online consultancy to farmers through videomail using the software MV4 in the states of TamilNadu, Gujarat and Karnataka. We are also offering online consultancy through video conferencing using the software iSee in the state of TamilNadu.

Price Discovery Platform for farmers:

In partnership with the National Commodities & Derivatives Exchange, Mumbai we are offering the Spot and Futures Prices of Agricultural Commodities in the local language in the states of TamilNadu and Gujarat.

Complete Solution for farmers:

We have recently entered into a partnership with Godrej Agrovet Ltd, Mumbai for the project in Prantij in Gujarat. Godrej Aadhaar Centre in Prantij which has been set up to serve the farmers in Prantij area by supplying them Seeds, Fertilisers, Pesticides, Farm Machinery, Soil Testing and Technical Advice will be linked with our network so that the farmers can get all these services from the comfort of kiosk located in their village itself.

Input purchase facilitation through Rural e-commerce:

We have recently entered into a partnership with Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd, Chennai (SPIC) to enable farmers in TamilNadu to order online through our kiosk network to SPIC for Tissue Culture Banana Plants.

We have also recently entered into a partnership with Rural Innovation Network, Chennai and KSNM Marketing, Coimbatore to enable farmers in TamilNadu and Gujarat to order online through our kiosk network to KSNM Marketing for Insect Trap which is designed to protect grains and pulses from storage pests.


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